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CCHS Mission Statement

“ALL Cañon City High School students will have opportunities to explore career pathways of interest while gaining skills needed to be successful in any life endeavor, and while enjoying many traditional high school experiences valued by students and the greater community.”
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Principal's Corner

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As we enter 2017, CCHS is diligently planning the 5-block schedule to be implemented in the 2017-2018 school year.  Each class, freshman through junior, will attend class meetings on the first day back this semester to review our new scheduling policy, how the 5-block system effects graduation requirements, and the 15 new courses being offered next year in support of the Career Pathways curriculum conversion.

Our new scheduling policy puts students in the driver’s seat! Students will be asked to fill out a course request form and return it after reviewing with a parent or guardian. Only then will the school build a master schedule based on the needs of student requests. Finally, teachers will be assigned to courses, and individual schedules will be published before the end of this semester. Students will be asked to review their next-year schedules one final time at the end of this school year—schedule changes will not be made to combine friends in classes, choose one teacher over another teacher instructing the same course, or put a certain course during a certain time of day. Changes at the end of this year can be made to balance difficult course loads, or because a student has changed his or her mind about a specific course.  Once this school year is over, however, changes to a student’s schedule will not be made except for rare circumstances or failures.

The 5-block system allows each student to take 40 course credits (1 semester-block course equals 1 credit) rather than the 32 offerings associated with the 4-block system.  The new graduation credit requirement for the class of 2021 is 32 credits (it was 25 credits under the 4-block system).  The class of 2020 must achieve 31 credits.  The class of 2019 must achieve 29 credits.  The class of 2018 must achieve 27 credits. Further, only seniors may take an independent study block.

Finally, 15 new courses will be offered to CCHS students beginning next year. This number is a testament to the faculty of the high school.  They are dedicated to improving the education opportunity for Canon City students. New courses include:

1.   AP Computer Science Principles
2.   Conceptual Physics
3.   Technical Reading and Writing
4.   Video Production I
5.   Vocal Music/ Performance (Quarter Class)
6.   Music Theory Fundamentals Parts A (Quarter Class)
7.   Music Theory Fundamentals Part B (Quarter Class)
8.   Teacher Cadet
9.   ProStart I & II
10.  International Relations
11.  United States/ Colorado History
12.  Studio Art
13.  Economics
14.  Computer Aided Design
15.  Crossfit
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