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CCHS Mission Statement

“ALL Cañon City High School students will have opportunities to explore career pathways of interest while gaining skills needed to be successful in any life endeavor, and while enjoying many traditional high school experiences valued by students and the greater community.”
Click below to download the Student Handbook:
New Student Handbook Updates:
1. On page 23: 2nd paragraph under Partial Enrollment Procedures, the first sentence should end after the word "file."  Home-schooled students may enroll in a minimum of one course.
2. On page 26: the Minimum Number of Credits row has changed to reflect the increased opportunity to earn credits under the 5-block schedule.  Below are the new required credits for each class:
                                 2018:  Summa = 32
                                            Magna = 31
                                            Cum = 30
                                 2019:  Summa = 34
                                            Magna = 33
                                            Cum = 32
                                 2020:  Summa = 36
                                            Magna = 35
                                            Cum = 34
New 2017-2018 CCHS Student Handbook!

Principal's Corner

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Staff and students alike are meeting the 2017-2018 school year with enthusiasm!  This will be the year that we roll out Pathways, the 5-block system, and 15 new courses, ranging from Foundations of CrossFit to AP Computer Science Principles. Entering freshmen, the class of 2021, will accomplish the first-ever Base Camp Orientation on August 21st and 22nd and then begin their journey to decide a career choice followed by an alignment of curriculum to meet that career.  Additionally, the Tiger Open Pathway will open its doors on August 20th, beginning with an overnight camping trip to Nebraska to have a perfect view of the solar eclipse.  Finally, our new internship program will combine community experience with student learning.  More than 75 business and governmental leaders have combined to host our seniors in quarter-long internships.  Students will learn the ins and outs of their chosen professions before walking across the CCHS graduation stage.
Credit recovery is returning to CCHS, allowing students to regain credits expeditiously and stay on track to graduate with their class.  Blended online courses are offered for the first time during this academic year, primarily to the junior class, with the idea that we will expand them next year to all grade levels. Ideally, if a student wants an online experience, they can get it right here at CCHS, taking full advantage of the highly motivated and caring staff that they have come to know.  We also have a slew of new staff members eager to join our team making CCHS the best education opportunity in Southern Colorado and perhaps the state.
Finally, the Alternate-to-Suspension program, building security enhancements, and work and Saturday sessions will all return this year to help every student receive the additional time and attention they need to learn at every level.  Our overall failure rates across the high school dramatically dropped by more than 350 fewer course failures as compared to the previous year’s rate … imagine how that contributes to the graduation rate of our students. A study out of Northeastern University found that high school dropouts cost taxpayers $292,000 over the course of their lives. CCHS is dedicated to improving our on-time graduation on the behalf of your students and the Canon City community.
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