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Student Handbook

Click below to download the Student Handbook:
New Student Handbook Updates:
1. On page 23: 2nd paragraph under Partial Enrollment Procedures, the first sentence should end after the word "file."  Home-schooled students may enroll in a minimum of one course.
2. On page 26: the Minimum Number of Credits row has changed to reflect the increased opportunity to earn credits under the 5-block schedule.  Below are the new required credits for each class:
                                 2018:  Summa = 32
                                            Magna = 31
                                            Cum = 30
                                 2019:  Summa = 34
                                            Magna = 33
                                            Cum = 32
                                 2020:  Summa = 36
                                            Magna = 35
                                            Cum = 34


Disclaimer Statement:

Contents in this book are intended to be a guide for parents and students and may contain typographical errors and/or errors in content. This content may be subject to review, revision and adoption by the Cañon City Schools Board of Education at any
point in the school year as the Board adopts new policy changes, the Colorado State Statutes are revised, and/or as the Colorado Commission on Higher Education admission requirements are amended. Revisions will be communicated to parents and students through the quarterly school newsletter posted on the Cañon City High School website at