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March PAB Survey

CCHS Digital Parent Advisory Board (PAB)
Welcome to the Digital Parent Advisory Board (PAB) message and survey. We have transformed the traditional meeting into an interactive digital format in order to allow greater participation. The March Survey can be found HERE
In the February survey:
There were 70 parents that took the February PAB survey and the results were as follows:
I am in favor of allowing students to wear hats in the school building during the school day as long as it doesn't affect learning. 
Strongly Disagree = 20%
Disagree = 27%
Neutral = 20%
Agree = 22%
Strongly Agree = 11%
With the understanding that my student's person will never be searched directly by a dog, I am in favor of CCHS's policy to bring trained dogs in to search for narcotics in student items, classrooms, lockers, and cars in the parking lot on a random and regular basis.
Yes = 91%
No = 9%
Our Building Leadership Team decided that we will have a one-week trial wearing hats in the building following spring break and then the staff will vote to see if we allow them in the building during the next school year.