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February PAB Survey

CCHS Digital Parent Advisory Board (PAB)
Welcome to the Digital Parent Advisory Board (PAB) message and survey. We have transformed the traditional meeting into an interactive digital format in order to allow greater participation. CLICK HERE for the February survey
In the January survey:
There were 71 parents who took the January survey on the student graduation requirement, Capstone.

Here are the results:

I understand what a Capstone is. 
Yes = 59%
Sort of = 31%
No = 10%

I understand the reason why my student is accomplishing a Capstone in order to graduate.
Yes = 43%
Sort of = 30%
No = 27% 
I would prefer that my student was allowed to take a standardized test in order to prove graduation competency. 
Yes = 45
No =  55
I believe that the competencies learned by accomplishing a Capstone mimic what my student needs to become successful in the professional world.  
1 = Disagree = 6%
2 = Somewhat Disagree = 20%
3 = Nuetral = 29%
4 = Agree = 30%
5 = Wholeheartedly Agree = 15%

I know where to look for more information about my student's Capstone. 
Yes = 39%
Sort of = 24%
No = 37%