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Welcome to American History

Welcome to American History

United States History focuses on the study of modern American History. This is an 11th grade social science course. The primary focus of the course will be America’s involvement in World War II to the present. The course will be a mixture of social and political science as well as economics and geography to provide a broader view of our history. We will use a multicultural approach to our study. Students will also develop their skills of interpreting charts, primary sources, political cartoons, and the use historical documents and American literature. Students will be encouraged to gain a better appreciation of man’s role in creating the society in which we live. It is a requirement for all students at CCHS and will be a 1-credit course that will run for a semester.
Course Objective:

The primary objective for this course is to prepare students to have the skills to succeed their senior year and on into their future endeavors. This course will focus on academic and personal skills such as: reading, writing, time management, inter-personal communication, organization and personal and professional growth. Small and large group activities and discussions are a part of the classroom and business place environment. All students are expected to participate in them. This course in U.S. History moves very quickly and covers a lot of material. Therefore, it is important not only that students be in class and keep pace with the course, but that they seek additional help when needed. (see the following link)
Mr. Coppa’s Mission Statement

My mission is to take the student where he/she cannot take themselves.

I will create an atmosphere that teaches young people:

1. To develop character that leads to honesty, integrity, respect, loyalty,

and compassion.

2. To uphold the standards of being a student while achieving academic success.

3. To promote the qualities of effective leadership.

4. To inspire students to relentlessly pursue a High School diploma and to develop a goal for future academic and personal growth!