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As of 1-10-17 the new instructor is Mr. Scott Smith please visit this link below for
Below this line is information about the ADDA Program from 9-1973 to 1-10-17    -   -   -  Archives for reference only
Welcome, I hope you will enjoy looking at the various pages having to do with the American Design Program at CCHS from the past archives. 
We have three levels in the program:                                                           Link to   
      • ADDA I    (Students enter this program in their sophomore year)
      • ADDA II     (3 College Credits Available in junior year)
      • ADDA III   (Honors Credit & 3 College Credits through CSU)
                                                Visit Old Style Web Page From 2001 to 2017
    • Advisors Page  (Our secret to success!  We have great advisors.)
  • About the Teacher: This series of web pages are still posted for archive purposes and to explain the heritage the program has since 1973 at CCHS. On this 45th year of teaching at Cañon City High School I will retire from scheduled classes in the ADDA program this January 10th of 2017.  I will continue as an active advisor to the program under Mr. Scott Smith's leadership.  I have taught at CCHS for so many years that I have had the parents of many of my students in class and a few grand-kids.  Perhaps you are one of them.  My undergraduate degree is in Industrial Education from Adams State College '71. My Masters Degree is from the University of Southern Colorado '78.  I have 168 additional hours from CSU, CDE and UNC.  The American Digital Design Association grants my Professional Certification.  The highest degree I have, is the degree of success our students have in this design program.  The students enjoy acquiring employable skills in computer digital design and blueprint reading.  Every year we are updating our electronic design skills with the help of over 45 professional advisors throughout the nation.  Our students also do service learning
  • If you have any questions try our e-mail by clicking on the Staff link to your right.
  • Recruiting/Entry:Letters of invitation are sent out to full time CCHS students taking geometry class during their Freshman year who also have a 3.5 or above grade average.  Seating is limited to the first 48 applicants returning their completed application. This type of program is also known as STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) at many of the leading high schools throughout our nation.

  About the Classes: Students start this pre-engineering program in their Sophomore year and finish during the first semester of their Senior year. The full certification is granted at graduation.  Some students begin work at an engineering firm right after graduation.  Most students continue their formal education by enrolling in college or university engineering programs. Preparing for a career in engineering is an excellent gateway to many other technical careers requiring advances math, science and engineering skills.  Many of our graduates go on to careers in scientific research, medical careers, business, architectural, construction management, and traditional engineering.

  • The details about each ADDA level can be viewed by clicking on the blue links above...
  • If you would like a look see our design lab consider
  • taking a video tour. Click Here

If you couldn't make it to parent night look at the the students working on a normal day.


Click Here for Fall 2016 Video

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Summer Session:

2016 Splash of CAD Class

2015 Splash of CAD Class

2014 Splash of CAD Class